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How a Website Helps You Sell More

Normally, flea market sellers are restricted to 3 things – local population, economy and proximity to the flea market itself. With our easy to use online platform you’ll be able to sell more of your inventory, with ease. Simply by establishing your website.

A website will help you to reach your goal of selling more and making more money by doing the following:

  • Finally, clientele can find you online!
  • Empowers you to sell online, depositing profits to your bank account!
  • Showcase your inventory before you get to the market!

We know the roadmap to success! And we’re not afraid to share it with our clients. Allow us to put our money where our mouth is…

With selected Flea Site accounts you’ll receive the following proven tools that’ll help you sell more:

  • Professional business cards / flyers (with your website listed)
  • Referral Tools – Allow your regular clientele to send you business
  • High volume / Specialized seller? Get your 800 #, custom online forms and more catered to your business
  • Much more coming soon!

How Can You Sell More?

3 Steps to Online Sales Success


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You don’t need to be a computer programmer to build a beautiful selling website with us! It actually takes less than ten minutes to setup!

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Immediately begin selling or showcasing your merchandise online after you build your website!


Display but Not Sell
  • Website w/ SiteBuilder
  • – No Ads
  • – Custom Domain + Email
  • – Selling Online
  • – Customer Newsletters
  • – Premium Support
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  • Website w/ SiteBuilder
  •  No Ads
  •  Custom Domain + Email
  • Selling Online
  • Customer Newsletters
  • VIP Support (800 #)
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet can be a complex technical place. Thanks to us it doesn’t have to be that way, but you still may have questions that need answering.

Sell Products Online Instantly!

Included in All Paid Plans & Free Trials

Enabling Flea Market sellers to accept credit cards online


How Hard Is This to Do?

A ten year old can setup a professional website and begin listing products within minutes! In fact, we asked an engineers daughter to setup a site!

Check out an Example Flea Market Website

How Long Does It Take to Make a Site?

Typically, it’ll take you around 9 minutes to create your website that’s capable of selling your products online.

Think we’re kidding? Test us out by quickly creating yours now!

How Much Profit Do I Keep?

You’ll get to keep 100% of your profit! We don’t take any money like some of our competitors will.

This is yet another benefit of using us to create your website to get started selling today.

I had never thought a website could bring me more business… but it did! Thank you to everyone at Flea sites for helping me out!!

Shannon Moore

Owner, Less is Moore

I was looking for online solution to help me sell on the internet. These people are both honest and helpful. Gracias.

Mr. Louise

Owner, Audio Galaxy, LLC

Beforehand I’d sell just usin my table at my local markets. Seeing as I usually keep the same products I was glad to tell my customers what  I have before they even come to see me.

Danielle F.

Owner, Flea Market Booth

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