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Step 1 – Sign up to Create Your Website

The first step is very easy and will help put you on the road to making more money and selling more products.

It takes less than 1 minute to signup for your own account. After you’ve created yours you can begin by easily customizing and listing products for sale. Depending on the plan level you choose, you’ll be able to sell products with sales proceeds being deposited into your PayPal account.

A great part of our service is that we don’t deduct any money/percentage off of your sales. Instead, we set a small base rate as plans and let you go from there.

We offer free trials to clients to help them get started with absolutely no risk at all.


Step 2 – Build Your Website Quickly and Easily

After you’ve registered you can get started actually creating your new online website.

Pick from many themes that you can use for your website’s look.

I was looking for online solution to help me sell on the internet. These people are both honest and helpful. Gracias.

Mr. Louise

Owner, Audio Galaxy, LLC

Step 3 – Success! Enjoy Optimized Sales!

Let’s face it websites are like selling machines that have virtually almost no overhead! Compared to a brick and mortar store any money a website makes is pure profit aside from your product costs, salaries, etc. In addition, your website will continue to make money even when your physical shop is closed or open! This can be a great boost as there are many customers / prospects waiting to buy from you in your off-times.

Money from your sales are automatically deposited to your PayPal account which can then be easily transferred to your bank account.


Why Use Flea Sites?

You don’t have to be a computer wizard to be able to create your website using FleaSites. We made the process very simple and it takes less than about 10 minutes to create a professional selling enabled website online from start to finish.

We have been newbies ourselves at one point time and understand what you need to create your fleamarket selling website.

We have over 30 years of solid industry experience in relevant fields such as;

Web hosting, web design, programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and more. With this experience our team is able to not only create great-looking websites for you and your company but we also able to assist you whenever you need it. Speaking of customer support, we are some of the best within our industry and quickly resolve all issues for clients.

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