Hello World

We are FleaSites,

We’ve emerged to empower flea market sellers with the ability to sell their products online during their off hours (when the market isn’t open). We are a bunch of computer nerds that love to shop and find good deals. So we have coupled will we know throughout our years of growing up and combined it with our extreme technical know-how. Creating superpowers for folks like you.

Currently, we offer two types of accounts for our users:



Within a showcasing account you’ll be able to show off your products just like you do at the flea market. Consider it a way to show off what you have before arriving at the flea market. You can also take this a step further and actually sell the products are reserved them for being distributed physically when you return to market. Both of these are excellent ways for you to secure more sales and make more money, plus your customers will be a lot happier.


Our selling system is not a vanity system, our system is well capable of handling millions of orders, is very easy to use and generates beautiful reports as well as keeps you informed of activity. No matter where you are the world you can remain in sync with your inventory/revenue. Our platform supports email, text as well as mobile notifications to keep you in the loop.

A Note to Flea Markets

We are not here to steal your customers, we are here to introduce positive technology that will greatly benefit your business while also serving your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The true fashion of the flea market continues to exist because it’s a great activity to take part in. Prospects often times seeking a potential item and can benefit from using the power of modern technology to know if such item is there already, or to find other items that one may want.

Scaling, Up

Being a progressive company we are always striving to improve on what we’ve already made great. With our combined experience of over 30 years we enrich everything that we technically produce.

We highly look forward to empowering you next!