Why Is It Called a Flea Market?

Why is it called a Flea Market anyways?

This appears to be the million dollar question to many people in today’s modern age.

A long time ago this humorous term started as basically a joke to describe second hand items that were being sold. Mainly these previously owned items may have come from homes that may have been infested with fleas or unwanted bugs. Once purchased, the new buyers would experience ill effects of such Fleas.

Keep in mind this was basically a joke on any second hand market places such as flea markets, swap meets and other outside sales. The items likely did not have any infestations themselves.

This term first appeared around 1922 in the English language as a translation of the French Market’s name. Additionally, according to reference.com, “Flea is of Germanic origin (fleah) and was not spelled flea until after 1550. A synonym is flea fair.”

So, did items really have fleas or not?

Does clothing from flea markets contain fleas?

Items sold at Flea Markets likely didn’t have fleas or other insects. Flea Market sellers have been known to wash and present clean items for sale to their customers at their local marketplace.

Washing clothing in a deep cycle with hot water has been confirmed to kill not only fleas but also eggs within clothing and bedding.

Enjoy your shopping and remain confident when purchasing items from your local flea market or FleaSites sellers.